Missouri is one of the many places in the US that have the best options for people, who are planning to succeed both academically, and also career-wise. The economy of this place is the right choice for people that are planning to start afresh somewhere new. 

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Why Missouri?

Many factors can make you choose Missouri as your new place of relocation after Montana. Low cost of living, affordable real estate options, shorter time to commute around the place, the best experience in all the months, etc., are some of the reasons that have made people choose Missouri. 


When compared to the population of Montana, which is around 1,900,000, the overall population of Missouri is not more than 1,800,000 and this population is spread all around the 55 states. The population of men is quite low when compared with that of the female population in this place, and the difference in percentage is about 2% to 3%. 

Climatic Conditions 

Missouri is one of the many places in the US that has the best experience to offer for its population throughout the year. The people residing in Missouri will not feel down or unhappy because of any particular climatic condition in the place. Be it the summer, winter, or the rainy season, every month will make the stay of the people worthwhile here. 

Affordable Cost of Living and Real Estate Options 

When compared to the overall cost of the US, the cost of living in Missouri is 14.5 times lower than all the other states. Everything starting from healthcare, medical expenses, groceries, housing, transportation, etc., are available at affordable costs. 

If you are planning to purchase a house or apartment for you in Missouri, then you can find many options just within your budget. The same goes for renting out any property. You can find every option starting from the studio apartment to condos, or houses within your budget for rent. 

A Haven for the Sports Fans 

Missouri takes pride in being the home of the professional sports teams of 5 major leagues. Hence, the sports fans will always be catered to all their needs of quenching their thirst to enjoy any sports of their choice in Missouri. 

Home for the Top 10 Festivals 

Missouri will never fail to show the residents that they have made the right choice by choosing the place for relocation. This starts from the best list of festivals such as, 

  • Ballwin Fall Art Fair 
  • Warrensburg Farmers Market 
  • Hootin an Hollarin 
  • Treasure Lake Bluegrass Music Festival 
  • Seymour Apple Festival 
  • St. Louis Vintage Market Days 
  • Kearney Jesse James Festival 
  • Franklin County Gun Show 
  • Branson Fall Craft Fair 
  • Old Syracuse Open Air Market 

Missouri is the best place for relocation, after Montana. You can check the place before choosing it for the relocation.